Our Founder


As an independent resume writer with an entrepreneurial mindset, Erin has spent more than 15 years helping professionals at varied skill levels in numerous industries. She has developed career strategies that have highlighted individuals’ professional goals, bridged employment and skill gaps, and reached higher levels of earning potential and success within their careers.

Erin has over 24 years of experience in the legal field as a Corporate Legal Assistant, which is a key contributor in her technical and legal writing skills. She began her career in Beaumont, Texas and moved to the Greater Houston Texas area and continued to perfect her craft.  A graduate of Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas (BAAS), Erin has worked in both the legal and educational field and has assisted job-seekers from entry to executive level in varying industries as well as offering specialized services to harder placed job seekers such as displaced workers, unemployed workers, career changers, workers with a criminal conviction, recent graduates and veterans.

Erin established The Career Empress in 2014 after a passion and entrepreneurial mindset merged from several years of assisting individuals in taking their careers to the next level. Resume writing is its own creative medium and as an experienced entrepreneur, legal writer and graphic designer, Erin brings a unique marketing and information design perspective to The Career Empress that helps clients understand how to identify, appeal to and communicate with the right audience.

“I have always loved helping others achieve their career goals by offering my insight and skillset in helping them break into a competitive job market” – Erin Camille